The Village of Readstown Welcomes You!

*Please note the Village Ordinances on are not complete as we are in the process of updating the Code of Ordinances for the Village of Readstown. 
Public Works ...........629-5156                 Chief of Police............629-5772                   Municipal Building...............629-5627

NEW OFFICE HOURS:   Monday and Thursday   *8:30 a.m. open, 4:30 close

                                  Tuesday and Wednesday  *8:30 a.m. open, 3:30 close

                                              CLOSED ALL DAY FRIDAY                         


Village of Readstown

Board Members and Committees

Effective:  May 2019



*Village President                                      *Village Trustees

Chad Larson                                                                           John Heal

                                                                                                 Ed Schaffer

                                                                                                 David Edgar

                                                                                                 Stacy Arneson

                                                                                                 Annette Mueller

                                                                                                 Brian Gander


Committees: (*)Denotes Chairperson of committee

*Finance, Personnel, General Gov.     

Chad Larson*

David Edgar

Stacey Arneson                                                                      


*Public Safety and Welfare                    *Parks, Cemetery, Building & Grounds

Ed Schaffer*                                                               John Heal *

John Heal                                                                    Ed Schaffer

Stacey Arneson                                                            David Edgar



*Public Works                                             *President Pro-Term

Chad Larson*                                                                              John Heal

            Brian Gander

             Annette Mueller

Weed Commissioners                              *Emergency Government Coordinator

Officer Tim Gratz Jr.                                                               Chad Larson

Annette Mueller